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Team Digital Announces SMD84 Accessory Decoder

The SMD84 is an eight (8) output DCC accessory decoder (HO & N scale) specially suited to drive switch (turnout) machines. It features 13 local inputs and 8 routes.

Board size: 2.75" X 4.25"

Works with most DCC systems that supports accessory decoders (Lenz, NCE Digitrax, etc...)

Provides 8 outputs

  • Drives twin coil solenoid switch machines
  • Drives Tortoise™ switch machines for turnout control

Provides 13 inputs

  • For local turnout control.
  • For occupancy sensors
  • For turnout feedback sensors
  • Remote input lockout option

Control routes on your layout

  • Eight routes

Simple inter-board wiring

  • Serial bus reduces system wiring
  • Digitrax LocoNet® compatible
  • DCC gateway to serial bus

Simple basic setup

  • "Smart Programming" in conjunction with self programming


The SMD84 is not fully compatible with the Atlas, Bachmann or MRC (except Prodigy Advance) DCC systems because they do not support accessory commands or can not program the number of CVs in the SMD84. The SMD84 will not drive SwitchMaster, Scale Shops, Switch Tender or Fulgurex motors.


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