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NCE CAB06 Shipping Now, CAB06R In 2 Weeks

After a nine month delay the NCE CAB06 are now shipping and the CAB06R are to follow in several weeks. Apparently software development proved to be quite a challenge to make the units compatible with the entire NCE line.


This appears on the front page of the manual:

"Make sure you have the right software with the Power Cab, SB3 or SB3a you have the right software. However, if you have a PH Pro, PH10, CS02 or PowerHouse, you need to check which software you have:

· Using your ProCab or Power Cab.
· With the system on, press the Prog/Esc key 5 times (Set CMD Station). Press the Enter key once. On the bottom line will be a date. The one you're looking for is MAR 1 2007B. If you have an earlier version, call 585-265-0231 to place a chip order."



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