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MRC New Products, New Prices

As is customary in January, MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation) announces some new products and marginally raises prices on most of their offerings.

Some DCC system MSRPs were raised about $10.00, cabs about $5.00 and some decoders a few dollars.

The systems and cabs pricing has been updated online. We are in the process of revising our decoder pricing and should have the latest posted in a few days.

Here is an unedited copy of some of MRC New Railroad Items for 2011. They usually announce more as the year progresses.

New MRC Railroad Items for 2011


The New Prodigy Pro Elite takes DCC control and performance to a new level of sophistication. Offering a massive 10 amps of controlled power, the Pro Elite will be a perfect fit for large club layouts or large outdoor G gauge displays or for the modeler who demands the best. What’s more it features more outstanding industry performance features

  • Backlit LCD
  • 10 amps of controlled power
  • Metal cabinet console with LED power meter
  • MRC’s Proprietary “Hypersonic Control Link®” (HCL) for faster response from the throttle to the locomotive.
  • External back lit LCD fast clock connects to the main console
  • 28 NMRA functions
  • Operates up to 35 handhelds at one time
  • Cooling fan for added protection

“FAST CLOCK MODULE” for all Railroaders - 0001526

Finally a fast clock that can be used for all railroaders no matter what type of gauge or power they use. This clock can also work in coordination with Prodigy DCC systems and their internal fast clock.

The MRC Fast Clock can be adjusted to speed up time from 2 times up to 8 times as fast as normal time. Great for clubs or anyone who likes to run on a schedule to add more realism to their operations.

“THROTTLEPACK 9900” - 0001310

MRC Introduces a very high output power pack to handle demanding loads of G gauge or large club layouts in HO or N Scale. This is a perfect replacement for the Controlmaster 20 and the 6200. It has as much power as a Controlmaster 20 and 50% more power than the 6200. Yet it is priced at the price of our 6200. An optional hand held may be introduced later in the year.

0001834 DECODER

HO scale non-sound small size with 8-pin NMRA plug built directly on the board. Ideal for smaller HO locomotives, but powerful enough for larger ones.

0001869 DECODER

Mini steam sound decoder with multiple chuff sounds along with a wide array of whistles and bells. Designed to fit most Mantua and other small steam locomotives. Includes 9-pin JST connector.

MRC Product Page


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