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Magna Force MF615 Installation

Discontinued, replaced by MF615GU.

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CAUTION: Magna Force MF615 is an electronic unit, not a toy! NOT to be used by children under 12 years of age. It contains no serviceable parts - DO NOT DISASSEMBLE.

Download Installation Instructions in PDF (205 kB)

Installation Instructions

1. Please read the following instructions before proceeding.
2. Do not plug unit into AC wall outlet until initial installation is completed.
3. Tools required: screwdriver, wire strippers.
4. The 3-wire output of the Magna Force connects to your DCC system as follows:
* The center conductor is a ground wire, and can be connected to the chassis of your DCC system or DCC system ground.
* The outer conductors, 15 V AC, are connected to the inputs of your DCC system. See connection diagrams - figure (1) for Digitrax, figure (2) for Lenz, and figure (3) for NCE.
* Green denotes ground wire, actual wire may be another color.

Your Magna Force MF615 is protected from shorting or overload. If you experience a power supply overload, the unit will shut down with no output power. Please turn off the power supply and allow about a minute for the MF615 to reset.

Connection Diagrams

1. Connect the two terminals on the DB150 or DCS100 marked POWER IN to the Magna Force outer wires.
2. Plug in the MF615 and turn on to power up your booster.
3. DCS100 or DB150 will beep once and its “POWER ON” LED will come on.

For a quick start, connect terminals U and V of the LZV100 to Magna Force.

Connect Magna Force to both sets of power terminals on the Powerhouse as shown.

NOTE: POWER wires must be connected to both sets of power terminals. Units produced after 11/1/2003 may not require both power connections.

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