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PowerPax Installation and Programming (PDF - 131 kB)
Programming BLI Switchers with PowerPax

"Since we added the PowerPax to the programming track, it is all quick and dirty to program them on the club layout. I have one of the first Broadway Hudsons that was almost relegated to the display shelf for problem with programming it. One last time with the PowerPax in line and that's all it took. We did not have to shut any of the programming down, i.e. lights, bells, sound, etc. Well worth the added investment. Now it is just a matter of minutes to program new engines."

Guaranteed Broadway Ltd and Sound Decoder Programming!

Having trouble programming your Broadway Ltd. locos? The PowerPax DCC Programming Booster makes BLI programming a SNAP!

The evolution of hi-tech DCC decoders has outpaced the programming power most DCC Systems can provide! The Power Pax safely boosts programming power and gives you hassle-free programming of BLI, Soundtraxx and multiple decoder/loco combinations.

"With my Digitrax Zephyr system, I was having all sorts of problems programming my new BLI RSD-15. This was my first try at using a sound equipped locomotive. I was having a lot of problems and was in conversation with BLI direct. I saw that the PowerPax from DCC Specialties will eliminate my problems. Desperate to try anything I purchased the item online. The PowerPax has been nothing short of a miracle. I can now operate my RSD-15 to the full capabilities of the system."

Recommended for and compatible with Digitrax, Lenz, NCE and all other DCC Systems.

Designed by DCCSpecialties.com, manufactured by NCE Corp.

WARNING: If the Power Pax output is energized inadvertently by contact to an external power source the unit will be DAMAGED. This can occur if the program track, even though isolated, makes connection to the mainline by dragging or running a loco across the gap. The loco will transfer current from the mainline to the program track. You can prevent this by installing a dead, un-powered, section of track between the programming track and the mainline, longer than your longest loco!

Special Note:
For BLI, Switchers and Proto GP9 We found that a 12 ohm 1 watt resistor (Digikey P12W-1BK-ND or equivalent) placed between the PowerPax and the programming track in series with one of the PowerPax output leads solves the problem. With the resistor installed, all three systems were able to read and write CV values correctly. This could be made as a permanent change to your programming track setup since it does not appear to affect the programming performance of other decoders.

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