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MRC Products

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MRC Prodigy Advance
Comes complete with handheld (cab/throttle), base unit (DCC Command Station and Booster) and input power supply.

  • 2 or 4 digit addressing (0-9999).
  • Realistic 14-28/128 speed steps.
  • Run up to 32 throttles using plug’n'play technology.
  • Program on the main or program track.
  • 19 accessory functions for Broadway Limited® and advanced sound units.
  • Easily upgradeable to any future NMRA protocols.
  • LCD readout for operating and programming.
  • Advanced Consisting.
  • Complete CV programming range.
  • Read-back programming.
  • 16 Slot recall feature.

... is a breath of fresh air. This is the first DCC system with one touch, one button programming. The PRODIGY DCC system has been ingeniously engineered to let most people run trains just by following the Quick Start instructions on the handset. Within minutes, you'll be controlling multiple locos on the same track, going at different speeds in different directions.

Prodigy Express DCC System
Designed to make it easy and inexpensive to get into DCC

  • A system that allows for full expansion
  • 2 and 4 digit addressing ... automatically
  • 128 speed steps for smooth running
  • Ability for expansion
  • Programming on main or on program track

MRC Sound Station 312
MRC's Sound Station 312 has been a major hit for the past few years. The new City-Country Sound Station provides 18 additional digitally reproduced background sounds. Place one speaker near a meadow or farm and enjoy the boom of thunder, the mooing of a cow, or the peaceful chirping of crickets throughout the night. Place another speaker near an urban setting and listen to car horns blaring, jackhammers pounding, or sirens wailing down the streets. Comes complete with power supply and two speakers. Great for dioramas and dollhouses as well.

150 Digital Command Control Power System Prodigy, 4 Amp Power Supply, Console Controller & Hand-Held Walkaround.
* Independently control up to 32 locos
* Advanced, dynamic consisting lets you lash locos together and run them on one address, each with its own setting
* 320 degree throttle knob offers precise speed control, lets you know your speed setting instantly
* Adjustable starting voltage, maximum voltage and momentum, and it's easy to use!

Prodigy Walkaround Cab
To activate turnouts or accessories. Walk around and control turnouts and accessories from anywhere on your layout. Features turnout routing, 32-address capability.

Prodigy Dispatcher
Switch Machine Decoder, Controls 1 Turnout Motor
Controls switch machines and other accessories. 3 Amp capacity, capable of latching or momentary action. Compatible with any DCC system it can be used singularly or in routes. Uses mobile decoder 2-digit addressing (1-27). Red and green status LEDs included. Size: 60mm long x 35mm wide x 17mm high

Prodigy District Power Booster (3.5 A) with under table mounting, including RJ-45 connector for use with Prodigy Advance & Express will provide an additional 3.5 Amps wherever needed. Includes 120-240 VAC universal power supply.

Powered Extension Plate - use when five or more walk-arounds or extension plates are needed with Prodigy Advance or Express.

O/G DCC Diesel Sound Decoder, Rated 8A.

O/G DCC Steam Sound Decoder, Rated 8A.

HO DCC Diesel Sound Decoder
The 0001626 measures 44.0mm X 17.5 mm X 7.0 mm (1.75 X 0.69 X 0.28 inches). Fits side to side in a scale diesel shell. Rated for 1.5 A motor and has three 0.1 amp accessory outputs.

HO DCC Steam Sound Decoder
Rated for 1.5 A motor.

HO DCC "Brilliance" Steam Sound Decoder
Using Back EMF for improved performance, the Steam decoder package offers 4-digit addressing, 14-28/128 speed steps, eight different synchronized steam chuffs, 10 (plus) different types of whistles, four (plus) different bells, control up to 19 other sounds as well, silent motor control and directional lighting for headlights.

HO DCC "Brilliance" Diesel Sound Decoder
Back EMF technology enhances diesel engine decoder performance by packing it with the “best of the best” sound features available too: 4-digit addressing and 14-28/128 speed steps of course, synchronized diesel engine sounds with eight notches, 10 (plus) types of horns, four (plus) different bells, operate 19 other functions too, and Motor silent control, and a magnificently operated set of directional light effects including Headlight, Ditch light, Mars light, Gyralight and Beacon light. This diesel engine decoder has an extra two wires for easy light hookup.

Can be used to join MRC 2000 with Prodigy for 10 additional addresses. This device can combine the output of two MRC Command Stations so that MRC users can now address 20 locomotives. It may also be possible to use the AD 600 to combine the output of other DCC command stations.

Black Box #0001050
Allows a non DCC user to control all of the sounds on his decoder equipped locomotive when using a DC power pack. It is a very simple hook up. It works for all brands of locomotives and decoders.

Prodigy Wireless #0001410
Stand alone system that comes equipped with power supply, console and wireless hand-held. Most importantly, the customer can use it to not only operate his trains but can also program from the handheld. This Total Control Radio System (TCRS) is called duplex control and something Digitrax does not offer with their wireless system.

Prodigy Wireless Conversion #0001412
This is an adapter system to enable a current owner of Prodigy Advance or Prodigy Express to add wireless to their existing system. The user must return his unit to MRC for upgrade (postage and handling fee only).

Prodigy Advance2 (Squared) #0001414
Has 2 new features: It meets the NMRA protocol for sounds or functions up to F 28. Equipped to be able to operate Prodigy Wireless without having the system upgraded.

N Gauge Diesel* Sound Decoders #'s 0001644  and 0001645
These new decoders not only provide sounds for DCC but will also provide basic rumble and chuff sounds if used on DC; and will also provide additional sounds with a Black Box. # 0001644 for Athearn & Kato and #0001645 for Kato P42

HO Gauge Decoder #0001651
This economical decoder comes standard with both the JST connector as well as the standard NMRA connector for DCC making it universal.

G/O Gauge Sound Decoders #'s 0001646 Diesel and 0001647 Steam
These powerful 5 amp decoders can be used in Lionel trains, LGB trains and scores of other O gauge or G gauge trains. They work with a power pack or with DCC.

Sound Modules for DC #'s 0001000 Diesel and 0001007 Steam.
These modules plug into a loco and provide sounds on a DC layout.

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