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MRC Sound Decoder Comparison

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Last updated on October 6, 2007.

Scale Item # Sound Lighting Dimensions Speaker Included Accessory Functions
HO1626Diesel Directional plus Light Effects50x17.5x6.0*Yes 20mm12-F1 to F12
HO 1629Steam Directional48x17x7.5*Yes 28mm19-F1 to F19
HO Discon.0001630 replaced by 0001656Steam Directional 48x17x7.5*Yes 28mmF1 to F28
HO Discon.0001631 replaced by 0001657Diesel [EMD 567B]Directional plus Light Effects50x17.5x6.0*Yes 20mm & 28mmF1 to F28
HO1632Diesel [EMD large/modern/turbo]Directional plus Light Effects48x17x7.5*Yes 28mmF1 to F19
HO1633Diesel [EMD switcher/ modern]Directional plus Light Effects48x17x7.5*Yes 28mmF1 to F19
HO0001634 Snap-inDiesel [EMD modern/turbocharged]Directional plus Light Effects75.25x17.83x8.96*Yes 28mmF1 to F19
N *Snap-in. Fits most Atlas Locos. 1636Diesel-Late-Normally AspiratedDirectional70x 9.4x 5.4*Yes 13mm x 20mm oval19-F1-F19
N 1637Steam Directional35x 10.5x 5*Yes TBATBA
HO [mini]1638Diesel-EMD modern/turbochargedDirectional 35x 10.5x 5*Yes 20mm19-F1-F19
HO [mini]1639Steam Directional35x 10.5x 5*Yes 20mmTBA
N *snap-in fits Atlas GP and others 0001641 NoDirectional TBANoTBA
N * Drop-in fits Athearn and Kato0001642 NoDirectionalTBANoTBA
HO [mini]0001643 Sheer BrillianceDiesel-EMD Modern Switcher Normally AspiratedDirectional plus Light Effects35x 10.5x 5Yes 28mm19-F1-F19
N**16442 programmable prime mover sounds dieselDirectional90x 14x 4.2Yes 13mm28-F1-F28
N***16452 programmable prime mover sounds dieselDirectional90x 42x 4.2Yes 13mm28-F1-F28
G/O**** TBA16462 sound dieselDirectionalTBATBA28-F1-F28
G/O**** TBA1647SteamDirectionalTBATBA28-F1-F28
HO with JST plug and harness.0001651 fits all 9 pin plugs in some locosNoDirectional plus Light Effects30x 14.6x 5.0*N/A4-F1 to F4
HO/GAD321NoDirectional50x20x7.0*N/A4 F0 to F3
G Discon.AD322Diesel Directional plus Light Effects36x88x23*Yes 24 sound functions-F1 to F4
GAD324NoDirectional plus Light Effects36x88x23*N/A4 F1 to F4
Accessory [2 digit, [1-127], mobile decoder address]AD360NoRed and Green Signal LEDs [included]N/AN/ASingle Output
Accessory1628NoN/AN/AN/A Four Output
  • All dimensions are in millimeters*
  • All decoders feature 2 digit, [1-127], or 4 digit, [1-9999], addressing, [except where noted].
  • All decoders feature 14-28/128 speed steps where applicable.
  • All decoders feature advanced consisting except AD332, “N” scale decoder, AD360 accessory decoder, and 0001628 accessory decoder.
  • All decoders feature “Ops Mode” programming except AD332, and AD360 accessory decoder.
  • *0001636 “N” scale sound decoder-Frame needs some modification for speaker mounting. Contact “Aztec Manufacturing” 1-775-883-3327 for aftermarket frames.
  • Specifications subject to change.
  • {revised 10/6/07}

** Fits Kato N Scale SD70MAC and AC4400
*** Fits Kato N Scale P42 and E8/9
**** 5 amp runs on AC/DC/DCC


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